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Arboreal Systems was formed by a Silicon Valley motorcyclist who has been riding for about 40 years and has logged over 400,000 miles. Living in the San Francisco Bay Area we are very fortunate to be near some of the best riding in North America. We’ve got Highway 1 along the coast, the Redwoods up north, the Sierra range to the east, Death Valley, and then there’s Nevada! In short, this is a great place to live if you love to ride.


A few years back, as my friends and I started to add more electrical stuff to our bikes, it quickly became clear that the products available to distribute and manage this stuff were pretty primitive by Silicon Valley standards. So we decided to do something better. Rather than just make a slightly better fuse block or PWM controller we decided to take a quantum leap. 


The idea was simple. Allow for centralized control of ALL of the electrical add ons, eliminate the need for all manner of electrical adapters scattered around the bike, eliminate ALL the wires and switches/knobs/relays/fuses running all over the place, and provide some useful environmental data and a huge amount of customization capability all in one system. 


With these design objectives in mind Neutrino was born. We employed state of the art design and manufacturing methodologies to a product segment that has been dominated  for decades by “stone age” technology. The result is a reliable, user-friendly, efficient, and cost effective system that has proven itself in all sort of conditions in all sorts of environments.


Neutrino uses SMT construction with multi-layer circuit boards, has been tested to handle a full 60 amps of load, eliminates unreliable and power hungry relays, allows for incredible user customization via software, and is made in the USA.





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