Please follow these guidelines when using Neutrino.

  1. Please be careful to avoid reversing polarity on the main power leads to the Neutrino module as this can cause serious damage 

  2. Please disconnect either the positive or negative main lead if you are doing high amperage charging as this can cause serious damage. Trickle charging is fine

  3. Please briefly touch any bare wires to the chassis before plugging them into a Neutrino socket to avoid possible ESD damage

  4. While the Neutrino module is completely waterproof if you mount it where it can get wet please mount it with the connector facing down and apply some silicon grease to the terminal strip. If you mount the Bluetooth radio pigtail where it can get wet make sure to wrap electrical tape around the junction of the radio (the little black USB dongle) and the USB socket to avoid water incursion as this may make the unit inoperative

  5. Please read the lighting setup/compatibility guide before connecting lights  (in the supplemental resources below)



Follow these​ steps if your Neutrino is not operating correctly

  1. Verify that it’s getting power on the yellow trigger wire. To do this, attach the trigger wire directly to the vehicle battery and verify that you see a green LED on the back side of the blue connector strip. Please then verify that you still see the green LED when the yellow wire is connected to the tail light wire or other 12V source being used. If you are experiencing intermittent connectivity we recommend using the Scotchlok tap provided with the unit and/or running a second tap wire between the yellow trigger wire and the source. This almost always fixes intermittent connectivity issues. If you see the green LED proceed to step 2. If you don’t, please call  us.

  2. Please verify that you are using the correct version of the Neutrino app and that only one Neutrino app is on your phone. 

  3.  If you are still unable to connect, reset the bluetooth radio (the little black thing at the end of the USB cable) by, with the app running and the Neutrino switched on, briefly pulling the dongle from the socket and reinserting. Then back out to the opening screen of the app, tap the tools icon, then the neutrino select button and with any luck it will say "name me". Give it a name, make it connectable, back out to the opening sceen, and it should connect.4

  4. In the event that the vehicle battery voltage dropped really low (under 9V) and the Neutrino won't connect, briefly disconnect either the positive or ground cables and try again. Most likely it will connect.

  5. If you are still unable to connect, please give us a call at 510-590-1292



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