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Privacy Policy

The Neutrino apps (Neutrino Element/Aurora/Element Plus x/Aurora Plus X, and Cockpit Controller/Neutrino Controller) use your phone's location services functionality in order to display altitude, speed, and heading information. Additionally, location data is used to calculate deceleration rate, and enable speed-based circuit automation. Please note that the use of this information occurs while the app is in the background as well as the foreground, so that data remains accurate even if the app is demoted. Per Google, the use of location data has privacy implications and it’s the purpose of this document to let you know how Arboreal Systems uses this data. In a nutshell, we do not collect, use, examine, or share any information that might be collected by your Android device while using our application. Beyond this, we will not honor any request from any private, corporate or government entity to release any information should we be asked to provide said information.
Unlike Google or Facebook, we will not collect, examine, sell, or use your data.
For any questions or concerns on this please contact us at

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