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1. What is Neutrino?


Neutrino is a state of the art power distribution and control system for an 12V vehicle. It consists of a power distribution module and a smartphone app with a wireless link.


2. Where can I download the Element/Aurora applications?


3. Where can I download the Element/Aurora Plus applications?

4. Can I install the system myself?


If you have the most basic skills installing Neutrino is a breeze and can easily be done in half an hour or less.


5. Can I use Neutrino without a smart phone?


Yes. While a smartphone is required to configure Neutrino, all the basic functions will work without a smartphone attached. Once configured Neutrino will continue to  do what it was told to do until told something else.


6. How does Temp Plus work?


Temp Plus is what we think is the very best way to control heated gear. With Temp Plus you set the temperature where the heated gear starts warming and the percent on you want it to start at. From there Neutrino will automatically increase the temperature as ambient temperatures drop. Each circuit can be set differently, so you can have a different temp profile for your grips or gloves or jacket.


7. Is Neutrino waterproof?


The Neutrino module is completely waterproof and ruggedized. The Bluetooth radio is mounted in the end of a USB pigtail and should be located someplace dry. 


8. If I buy Neutrino now and you guys add some new features is my system going to become obsolete? 


No. Neutrinos are completely upgradeable, typically via a simple app update. While there are occasionally firmware updates, these are very infrequent and can also be applied to older units at the factory at a nominal charge. 


9. I can buy a fuse block for $100 or a PDM60 for $180. Why should I spend so much more for Neutrino?


Neutrino is really a great value if you consider all that it does. It replaces what’s arguably the (second) best power distribution module out there and adds the ability to fully control 6 circuits without buying any additional switches or variable controllers, provides really great failure diagnostics, and offers automation that just doesn’t exist anywhere else.


10. Is Neutrino patented?


Neutrino is currently patent pending. There’s nothing else like it.


11. Will Neutrino work with my Bluetooth headset/helmet?


Yes, flawlessly. With Neutrino you can not only control circuits, get realtime electrical info, and automatically control circuits based on temperature, speed, and sunset time, but you can also listen to music, make and take calls, get directions….everything.


12. Will Neutrino dim my LED lights?


Yes, Neutrino is a super fine PWM controller offering far more steps that what’s on the market.


13. Will Neutrino allow me to use external switches to control circuits?


Yes. Neutrino has a relay switch input that will accept a signal from an external switch that you can use to control any number of Neutrino circuits. Each circuit is set independently, so while one might activate when +12V is sensed another can activate when ground is sensed or when nothing at all is sensed. This allows Neutrino to be super configurable.


14. Is Neutrino compatible with CANbus?


Yes. Neutrino is an excellent way to allow you to run any aftermarket electrical accessories you want without being bound by CANbus limitations. It is invisible to CANbus and is ideally suited for CANbus vehicles where you want to go beyond what’s offered by the OEM.


15. Does Neutrino have ground terminals?


Yes. Neutrino has a full 60 amp ground plane with 3 terminals that can each handle up to 20 amps. You can choose to take ground either from the vehicle chassis or from Neutrino.


16. You say Neutrino simplifies electrical equipment installation. How is that the case?


The big difference between Neutrino and other power distribution and control systems is that with Neutrino once you connect your electrical devices up to the Neutrino module that’s pretty much it. There are no wires that need to be run to the front of the vehicle, no need to make holes in firewalls, no need for relays, and no need for switch panels or variable control devices. Neutrino replaces all that stuff for a fraction of the cost.


17. What’s the difference between a Neutrino Element and a Neutrino Aurora? 


Element is our base model that offers all the basic goodness of the wireless configuration and control, but without all the automation. Aurora adds a ton of automation features in addition to headlight pulsing, deceleration-based brake light activation, and circuit linking. The cool thing is that once you buy Element you can always upgrade it to Aurora functionality with a firmware update. No planned obsolescence here.

18. What's the warranty?


1 year minimum.

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