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Neutrino Power Distribution Module

Neutrino+ is

a power distribution module plus 

a smartphone application. 

(but you can use it without a smartphone too)

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Using Arboreal Systems with the included smartphone app allows for the highest degree of customization and functionality.


The Neutrino power distribution module is installed out of sight on your boat or vehicle. Connect your circuits via the connection strip, and manage everything else from your smartphone.    

  • Waterproof

  • Ruggedized

  • Surface Mount Construction

  • Remotable Bluetooth Radio

  • Dedicated Ground Plane

  • Direct Battery Charger Input

  • Easy Connections Via Screw Terminal Block

  • Made in USA

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Features (both Element & Aurora Plus)

  • Fully configurable and controllable via smart phone 

  • 60 amps total capacity over 6 circuits

  • 25 amps max for each circuit

  • Delayed sequential circuit startup

  • Programmable self-resetting circuit breakers

  • Compact-3" (4" w/ears), 2.5" x 0.9"

  • Fully waterproof and shock-resistant

  • Uses easily accessible and reconfigurable screw terminals

  • Power and ground planes. Minimizes ground loop and installation problems

  • Heavy duty construction using 6 layer circuit board with heavy copper layers

  • Remote temperature sensor

  • Direct battery charger inputs

  • Flexible connection architecture allows for optimal Bluetooth radio placement

  • Garage door activation (using optional garage door adapter and your garage door opener)

  • Servo activation (using servo adapter)

  • Mounting ears

  • 12 AWG wire max

  • Next generation ultra high power FETs

  • Built in surge protection diodes


More details:

  • Multiple Neutrino power distribution modules each maintain their own settings, so you can move your phone from vehicle to vehicle while retaining all the settings for that vehicle

  • Free application software for both iOS and Android

  • Free application feature enhancements


Highly configurable

  • Circuit names

  • Circuit breaker limits by circuit

  • PWM (variable control) or switched control by circuit

  • Settings memory by circuit

  • Voltage alarm

  • Ignition off behavior (auto shut down, timed shut down, voltage-dependent shut down) by circuit

  • Auto circuit activation (temperature, sunset)

  • Relay circuit activation (using existing or add on remote switch)

  • Units of measure

Integrated Capabilities

  • Unparalleled range of data

  • Speed

  • Time

  • Vehicle voltage

  • Amperage by circuit and total

  • Heading

  • Altitude

  • Temperature

  • Full integration with smart phone core functionality

  • Maps

  • Phone

  • Music

  • Texting

  • Email

Enhanced Automation Features (Aurora Only):

  • Aurora adds extensive circuit automation:

  • Temperature based circuit activation

  • Variable temperature based circuit activation

  • Speed based circuit activation

  • Variable speed based circuit activation

  • Sunset based circuit activation

  • 4 hz light modulation

  • Circuit linking for powering up to 30 amps circuits

  • Deceleration based circuit activation


Compatibility:  iPhone 4S and newer. Android devices running 4.4 and later devices with Bluetooth 4 LE support

"Advancing power distribution and control through state of the art wireless connectivity, smartphone control, and extensive automation."

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Neutrino Element and Aurora App

Download the free app to fine tune your settings and receive stats and environmental data. Control heated gear, auxiliary lights, sound systems, and more, all from your smart phone.

Home Screen

Units of Measure Setup

Circuit Configuration

Circuit Breaker Setting

Composite Electrical Status

Circuit Adjustment

Servo Control

Momentary Activation Setup Screen

Circuit Shutdown Delay Setup

Temp Plus Setup

(Aurora only)

Auto Speed Setup

(Aurora only)

Auto Sunset Setup 

(Aurora only)

Deceleration-based Circuit Setup

(Aurora only)

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