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Power Distribution Products 

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Neutrino Element is the entry-level power distribution product. This advanced fuse block has features you didn't know possible in an electrical power distribution block. Upgradable at any time, Element introduces you to the range of Neutrino's capabilities.

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Neutrino Aurora is the ultimate power distribution module. Aurora does everything Element can do, plus enhanced automation. Make your brake lights flash on deceleration and automate control of all accessories and modifications, all from your smart phone.

Apogee is our most advanced system yet! Offering everything the Element and Aurora brings to the table, while adding new features like enormous expandability and CANbus connectivity. Apogee is the most advanced product available on the market. 




automation & massive expandability

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Apogee offers all the features of Neutrino+ while adding new functionality and features.


Fuse Blocks/

Power Distribution Module

Heated Gear Controllers

Voltage Monitoring Devices

Environmental Gauges

Speedometer Correction System



Garage Door Remotes

Servo Motor Control

Headlight Modulators

Brake Flashers

Neutrino Element, Neutrino Aurora and the new Apogee support garage door opening from your bike without having to dig around for your remote. Use our adapter and a Mo-Door universal controller for optimum functionality.

Neutrino Aurora and the Apogee allow for vehicle light manipulation, as well as the ability to control circuits based on temperature, speed, and time. These unique features set us apart from the competition, and eliminate the need for temperature, speed, and time based controllers.

Clearwater CANopener

Denali CANSmart


Denali CanSmart.jpg
Clearwater Can Opener.jpg

Apogee keeps all the functionality of our initial devices, while adding enormous expandability and new features unique. Apogee eliminates excessive and complex wiring systems.

Learn more about how Apogee can be used on your vehicle or watercraft

Take a ride with Neutrino and see all the features in action

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