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Smart Garage Door Adapter

Optimum Garage Door Control with Mo-Door...

or your own remote

Increased functionality from the moment you leave the garage

Both Neutrino Element and Aurora now support garage door control. To make this a reality you need just a few things…

  1.  A Neutrino Element or Aurora

  2.  A Neutrino smart garage door adapter cable

  3.  Your garage door remote and a soldering iron or a Mo-Door universal remote

Neutrino Smart Garage Door Adapter

Mo-Door Garage Door System

The Neutrino smart garage door adapter cable was custom designed to allow your Neutrino to control either one or two garage doors from within the Neutrino app. It also includes connectors for a hard-wired switch so that you always have the option of activating your garage door either from within the app or from a switch located somewhere on your vehicle.

Installation is super easy with the Mo-Door universal adapter as you simply connect the bare wires to either one or two Neutrino terminals and then connect the Mo-Door to the mating connector(s) on the cable. Then it’s a matter of going into the Neutrino garage door control app and setting the circuit for momentary activation and you are good to go!


You can also use an existing garage door opener, but this requires a small amount of electronic surgery which we can help you with. 


Either way, you won’t need to bother with fumbling for a garage door opener any longer.

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