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Go for a ride with Neutrino

See what Neutrino can do in a day.

5:43 A.M.

38° F

170 ft.

8:27 A.M.

4,900 ft.

58° F

The sun hasn’t risen yet, but it’s time to head out. It’s cold and dark, but your heated gloves and jacket came on and you’re feeling the warmth. Your LED driving lights came on too. All automatically. Your phone says it’s 38 degrees out, but you’re warm. Now that the bike is moving your GoPro automatically started recording this epic voyage. Voltage shows at 13.72 and the amperage draw is within acceptable range. Going to be a great ride.

You’ve made your way out of the city madness and the foothills are in front of you. It’s light now, so your LED lights have automatically dropped back to 20% for daytime conspicuity. Temps have warmed up to the high 50s and your gloves and jacket have been gradually reducing the heat, automatically. You need to flash an oncoming car and when you do your LEDs go to 100% and then drop back to 20%. Your bike is running well and your phone is telling you that you are indeed headed east and you’ve just reached 4,900 feet in elevation. Life is good.

10:47 A.M.

10,000 ft.

42° F

2:13 P.M.

6,047 ft.

76° F

You’ve been climbing and the road has been getting more and more interesting. Lots of curves, lots of elevation change…challenging stuff. You’re getting close to the crest of the Sierra at 10,000 feet and are experiencing adiabatic cooling in action as the temps have dropped back down to the low 40s. But you're not cold. Your gloves and vest gradually increased their temps as it got cooler. It’s almost hard to believe that it’s really 42 outside. You park at the pass and your GoPro automatically stops recording. After all, who wants 10 minutes of nothing video?

7:04 P.M.

49° F

5,462 ft

The sun is getting lower in the horizon and it’s starting to cool off. Heated gear is on low and your LED lights came back on. You’re getting ready for a nice dinner and a good sleep under the stars.

You’re blasting across the middle of Nevada. It’s warmed up to the mid-70s and all your heated gear shut itself down. You check the elevation, heading, and battery voltage. All is good. Your phone and iPad are both charging. You take a call from a friend and return to listening music through your Bluetooth headset, all the while letting Neutrino ensure that all is good on the electrical front.

9:27 P.M.

41° F

5,135 ft

You reached your campsite, set up camp, had dinner, and are about to hit the sack. You used your bike’s battery to power the camp light and the iPad. You’re reading in the tent relaxed with the knowledge that your Neutrino will automatically stop charging the iPad and will turn off the camp light when battery drops to 12.75 volts. No worries about not being able to start the bike in the morning. It’s been a great day.

Advanced Capabilities


Neutrino takes fuse blocks and PDMs a whole new level. This little module can handle 60 amps of power over 6 circuits.


With programmable self-resetting circuit breakers, fuses are an annoyance of the past. In the event of a circuit overload or a short circuit the application will tell you what the problem is and which circuit it’s on. Excellent fault reporting on the Neutrino App makes tracking down electrical problems a breeze. You can quickly check realtime amperage draw for every circuit, and if you need to adjust a circuit breaker setting, you can do it from anywhere with your smartphone.


Real time voltage and amperage reporting, self-resetting circuit breakers, automatic shutdown to save your battery. It just doesn’t get any better.


Neutrino controls your heated gear like nothing else. There’s plenty of power available on all circuits with smooth and linear output control. No worries about destroying your PWM controller because you decided to use it for grips rather than gloves. Whether it’s heated gear, heated grips, heated seats, or lighting control, Neutrino can handle anything you throw at it.


Of course all those wires running to the front of your bike simply aren’t needed. And then there’s the automation. Neutrino can control heated gear (and even refrigeration) automatically based on ambient temperature. You can configure circuits to switch on at a fixed percent when the temp drops or if you want they can automatically increase on percentage as it gets cooler. Every circuit is independent so each can have different automation modes and different operating parameters.


After you try Neutrino for powering and controlling your heated gear, those little knob devices  will seem downright quaint.


Neutrino allows you full control over all your lighting either via the user-friendly GUI, automation, or by tying circuits to existing hard wired switches.


Any combination of circuits can be configured to be either switched or variable and you can change them on the fly with your smart phone.


Want your driving lights to be on at 20% for daytime visibility, but have them automatically go to 100% at sunset? Neutrino can do that.


Want them to go to 100% any time you hit your high beams? Neutrino can do that.


Want to smoothly dim your lights? Ditto.


Want to shut down extreme high power lights when vehicle speed drops below 10 mph? Yes, Neutrino can do that too.

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