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We've got the power.

Wireless power distribution and control with real-time fault monitoring, extensive situational awareness, and extreme flexibility.


The ultimate power distribution and control system, plus state-of-the-art automation.

Neutrino Power Distribution Module

We designed the Neutrino power distribution module to be the gold standard of monitoring and situational awareness systems. This one device serves as a centralized nerve center for your vehicle’s electrical system. Because it replaces conventional devices, Neutrino is a fuse block, switch, dimmer/heat controller, and relay device, all rolled into one.  

In addition to the simple setup, the Neutrino power distribution module offers customers customizability, automation, and improved functionality. Seamless integration with our Neutrino smartphone application enables direct operation within easy reach. 

To get the most advanced and streamlined boat, snowmobile, side by side, ATV, Slingshot, Spyder, 4WD, camper, motorhome, overlanding , car or motorcycle power distribution system on the market, shop our innovative products now! 


Available in two new-and-improved flavors.

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State of the art power distribution and control

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With extreme circuit control, Neutrino Aurora is the most intelligent and customizable power distribution solution on the market

Neutrino installed

on a BMW S1000XR

Learn more about how Neutrino can be used on your vehicle or watercraft

Take a ride with Neutrino and see all the features in action

Already own a Neutrino+, Neutrino, or Neutrino Black Box? Find out how to upgrade to the latest firmware.

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